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Presentation: Motivation and Engagement

Upcoming presentation on Motivation and Engagement by Diana Wiesenthal for the University of Manitoba Leadership Organization (UMLO) and the University of Manitoba HR Association (UMHRA) - February 23, 2016

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Article: Canadians Hit the Refresh Button

Excerpt from Diana's article in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce's e-newsletter "The Chamber Connected" (published November 18, 2015): With the results of the Federal election, there is an exciting new and re-energizing buzz in the air that is permeating through...

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Presentation: HR in the Hotel Industry

Presented by Shannan Gradt and Lana Stevenson at the Manitoba Hotel Association's Annual Convention - October 2015 At the convention, Shannan and Lana will be delivering three presentations on topics relevant to the hotel and hospitality industry.  Topics include: 1....

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Presentation: Power Through Imagination

Presented by Diana Wiesenthal to AWASIS Agency of Northern Manitoba, October 2015 The presentation centres around four key principles: “Imagine (the possibilities), Think (big with a renewed perspective), Believe (in yourself, your team and the important work of the...

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