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Business Transformation

Re-engineering HR for business growth

CPRinc® offers specialized and leading edge expertise.

Executives, managers, and supervisors at all levels benefit from the personal coaching and support available from the CPRinc® team. An unbiased, external analysis of strengths and challenges can provide a powerful framework for development and growth. Our 360 Feedback programs are effective and accurate, and when combined with a customized program of development coaching and leadership support, deliver significantly enhanced performance and results.

A strategy of Corporate People Responsibility addresses five key pillars:

  • Build jobs around people’s strengths, leveraging the talent that exists in your company, aligned to the company strategic plan and business plan.
  • We custom-design an organizational structure that allows both individuals and teams to perform at their maximum potential.
  • Uncover and stop hidden cost bleeds in your organization’s budgets relating to your current people management practices to increase profitability, long-term.
  • Protect your HR investments by retaining and engaging top performers.
  • Understand your corporate culture through internal work environment scans.
  • Implement custom-designed or re-engineered HR, compensation and OD programs and processes for maximum efficiency and reduced HR operational costs.
  • We design these programs to align with your company’s objectives so these goals can be more readily achieved.
  • Ensuring that people are working at peak effectiveness through a positive culture and strong business structure.
  • Design and implement effective Change Management strategies to help managers and staff cope with the pace of change.
  • Build an effective Succession Plan to ensure ongoing quality leadership.
  • Creating better leaders and managers.
  • Increase individual and overall team effectiveness using Brantas® Performance Inc. Assessment tools.
  • Improve executive and management performance and leadership through coaching and consulting.


Take your HR expertise to the next level.

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