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Adrian Measner

Adrian Measner is a highly motivated Senior Executive with a sharp results-oriented focus. He has an extensive and broad knowledge of the agricultural industry worldwide and is recognized for his sound judgment. He has highly developed business relationship skills and is an effective leader and management expert for implementation of business strategies.

He has held the position of President & Chief Executive officer for two major grain industry organizations for over a decade, leading major organizations through massive changes within the agricultural sector. As the most senior officer of a $4-6 billion dollar international corporation, he represented the interests of over 70,000 Western Canadian farmers.

His executive experience also covers a wide range of disciplines in international trade, marketing and economics, market development, sales, logistics & transportation, as well as weather and crop surveillance. In all of Adrian’s roles, he has demonstrated successful results such as: doubling grain handling over a four year period; leading the restructuring of grain handling capacity through the industry from the CWB and developing long term supply contracts with key exporters; expanding storage capacity to become the largest producer car handler in Western Canada; leading and overseeing investments in short line railways and inland terminals; overseeing corporate restructuring to achieve a 20% cost reduction; key resource in transitioning a Crown Agency to a shared-governance model; leading world-wide sales missions and developing innovative pricing and transportation contracts.

Adrian was at the helm of major historical changes in the grain industry and led the CWB through extremely turbulent times where he regularly represented the organization at Parliamentary Committees, the Senate, in the courts, and in the media. Known for his unwavering integrity and commitment to farmers he maintained excellent relations with farmers and agencies worldwide and created a high performance workplace culture that was well ahead the industry.

Currently he is a Director on the Board of Paterson Global Foods and volunteers his time on a charitable non-profit organization as a Council member and Chair of their financial team. He enjoys spending time with his family at their cabin at West Hawk Lake.

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