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Joan Dawkins

Joan Dawkins has more than 25 years of experience in organizational leadership and senior management, primarily in the non-for-profit sector. She has acquired and developed a full range of human resource management skills in organizations of various sizes and in both union and non-union environments. In her most recent role as Executive Director of Women’s Health Clinic in Winnipeg, she restructured the organization to meet the challenges created by rapid growth. She built a strong and effective management team, where there had not been one before, and coached and supported the team to competently and confidently handle all aspects of human resources and labour relations.

Having started her career as a lawyer, Joan has an excellent grasp of the legal framework within which organizations must manage their most important resource – their staff. She is a compassionate leader who is accountable – and expects accountability from those around her. She instills in her management colleagues and staff the value of healthy, respectful workplaces where issues are managed as they arise and people can count on one another to contribute to success, for themselves and for the organization.
Joan is a thoughtful and respectful coach and mentor who meets her client where they are and encourages them to establish and pursue meaningful goals through effective strategies; this exactly aligns with CPRinc’s approach to executive and management coaching – a model that produces optimum results for clients.

Joan also has expertise and experience in organizational development. Joan has been a member/chair of more than 20 Boards of Directors and has been the senior employee reporting to 8 Boards over the past 20 years. Board governance, organizational health, strategic planning, risk management and organizational accountability are all areas in which Joan has demonstrated an ability to assess the needs – and design and deliver the training and facilitation required to meet those needs.

In 2013, Joan was seconded from her full-time position to assist a local non-profit organization in crisis – facing an audit showing financial mismanagement and conflict of interest, unsigned funding and collective bargaining agreements, and thirteen unsettled union grievances. In six months, Joan had assisted the Board of Directors to bring the finances into line with funder expectations, settle the grievances and sign all key agreements. In the two years that followed, Joan provided coaching to the new Executive Director, Board training, and HR instruction to front line managers.

Joan has a long-standing interest in homelessness, poverty and equality and human rights. She has had an eclectic career, both in her paid and volunteer roles, touching all of these areas and brings a rich history and strong social justice commitment to her work with CPRinc.

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