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Lana Stevenson

Lana is best known for her ability to “see the forest for the trees”. She is able to quickly assess a situation and find the patterns and potential opportunities that so often get lost in the details, roadblocks or day to day frustrations that impact organizations. Through effective facilitation, investigative and listening skills Lana is able to understand the complexities of a situation. She then helps move teams and individuals forward by identifying potential solutions or opportunities or by simply bringing order, focus and action to existing ideas. Lana’s approach is a balanced one that takes into account the people and corporate needs in any situation.


As part of an award winning HR team, Lana most recently held the position of Director, Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD) at the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). Her role was primarily focused on the creation and implementation of the CWB’s HR Strategy, the results of which earned the HR department a more strategic role within the organization as well as external recognition. Lana led several key initiatives that were critical to the organization’s HR evolution. These included leading edge programs in the areas of succession planning, leadership and management development, career development, learning and development, wellness, change management, and employee surveys. Lana also has broad experience with organizational design through her involvement in corporate and HR department restructuring initiatives.

Lana has a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as her CHRP designation. She is also certified in the Prosci change management methodology, the Brantas assessment tool, and has extensive experience with developing 360 degree assessment tools and delivering assessment feedback to leaders. She has over 15 years of HR experience working inside of an organization and as an external consultant with a major global firm. Her primary industry experiences have been in agriculture, manufacturing, government, oil and gas, and health care.


Lana’s involvement in the HR senior management team at the CWB contributed to the organization being consistently recognized as a strategic and innovative leader in its HR programs, receiving HRMAM’s 2011 Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives Award, as well as the designation as a Top 25 Employer in Manitoba for the past several years.

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