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Presentation: Power Through Imagination

Presented by Diana Wiesenthal to AWASIS Agency of Northern Manitoba, October 2015 The presentation centres around four key principles: “Imagine (the possibilities), Think (big with a renewed perspective), Believe (in yourself, your team and the important work of the...

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Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards – WINNER

Diana Wiesenthal was an award winner at the 2015 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards event held in May. Diana won the award in the following category: CONTRIBUTION TO COMMUNITY  A woman business owner/partner, who has voluntarily contributed significant...

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Article: The Need for Lean HR – Reinvent or RIP HR

UPDATE: This article was listed as one of the TOP 5 MOST READ articles in Queen's University IRC E-News in 2015 Excerpt from Diana's article as published in Queen's University IRC E-News (published September 2014): RIP HR. That will be the tombstone on the HR...

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Presentation: HR Approaches for the Sandwich Generation

Presented by Shannan Gradt and Lana Stevenson at the HUB STRATA Breakfast Series May 2015 As part of a series, this presentation focused on the sandwich generation at work - an employer's obligations, the employee's obligations as well as HR programs, policies and...

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